Good-bye Christopher Robin

A.A. Milne was a British author and poem writer. Milne fought in the war to end all wars which they won but came at a great cost. Many of the soldiers returned with severe injuries both mentally and physically. A.A. Milne was one of the soldiers who came back with PTSD-Post traumatic stress disorder, which … Continue reading Good-bye Christopher Robin

Ellis Island

  Located on the outside of Manhatten, you will find Ellis Island. This island was used as an immigration post during the period 1892 to 1954. Over 14 million people came to America through Ellis Island.  The immigrants would start their trip on foot, horseback, or train.  When they arrived at the coast, they boarded … Continue reading Ellis Island

Global Challenges-Climate Change

Today, we skyped students around the world to find out how climate change has affected them. We first skyped students from India, a few minutes from New Delhi. They told us about air pollution around their area and the flooded holy temple that killed 2700 people. These are horrible incidents that will harm many people. … Continue reading Global Challenges-Climate Change